Everything You Need To Know About Branding

Everything You Need To Know About Branding

Everything You Need To Know About Branding

Subscribe intellectual indies and press the bell icon and never miss any modernize. From the last two videos, i\’ve been talking about branding Brand value, Brand equity What is labelled quality and label equity I am Sahil Khanna and our youtube path specify is Intellectual indies So can you can recognise us by our emblem? Let\’s hop-skip intellectual indies If i see logo of google, facebook I recognise it immediately that this logo is of facebook or google. So this is branding Any name, Any logo can be recognized by beings that this is related to this company Not only name and logo There\’s a positioning affirmation. that is a part of branding.

Like the intro of technological guruji Our own branding statements. Like of intellectual indies What\’s our branding word? Tell me in the comments below or should i tell you? Watch, learn and stretch. We are telling everyone that watch our videos, learn and stretch Simply then we can make any category video on scholastic indies.

i was researching that i should work on this/ that( labelling) Just like our tshirt with our symbol There are many people Who doesn\’t even know our symbol Because i never show you my symbol until unless you don\’t see it, you won\’t be able to recognize.

My face value If someday i am on the road, People may recognize me But do anyone know our badge perhaps, maybe not So i think We should work on our branding. and in the coming time, you\’ll notice more videos considering video. So today we\’ll understand the topic of brandindg What you can do to improve your labelling. Not about our branding but our any business First of all: Positioning statement Every brand has their positioning statement Padhega India tabhi to badhega India Whose statement is this?

Pure ayurvedic components, i am saying If i ask you about a ayurvedic label, what the hell is you recommend? You must know this.

I don\’t know Branding is instilled separately, Now how do we need to do our branding. Our personality should be likeable. If in the starting, I am like this ; p My personality won\’t be alluring.

Or like this ; p People won\’t like it !! They may block me :p Or i am not well dressed. My own personality is affected. You may have seen that large-scale labels They have a face that helps that brand in development.

Now This doesn\’t mean that face is pretty or what. They\’ll be likeable. that their nature is good or anything. Now Most important part of branding is logo, your insignium Should represent your brand image. and easily remembered.



That this motto is of scholastic indies. I\’ve seen this/ that. And it\’s not important that your brand name should be included in your symbol Like Disney Full epithet Disney is shown in it\’s logo. Their branding is so strong that their symbol represents their name. Mcdonalds in M.

K in KFC Samsung in my samsung mic. But not in apple they just have motto. half eaten and there\’s a story behind it. So that apple is their logo and logo can be an object Or a text.

Everything You Need To Know About Branding

But it should be unique not copied.

Don\’t copy things Like combining of copied content This evaporated our firebrand. Now let me tell you something When you are making a log It\’s color should be appealing. and according to your target audience. There are a lot hues, I may make a video on this Some colours doesn\’t appear after a certain age group If i am making a dark red Kids will like it Likewise old-time people will like it very and will able to see because Red is easily visible. We need to work on our colors.

and if we are using specific fonts. then it\’s typography should be nice. Means if \”ive written\” a verse then i should be able to read it. Readable. I just thought that logo of brand They are just designs, After some time, i got to know that this is not a scheme but a font Company\’s epithet If you have an illusion brand A kind of work where you want people to think In this you can do something like thi But ideally We should meet things that are simple to use.

All the stationary entries Our infrastructure, website All the things Should connect homogenously If our part topic is blue and our website topic is blue and our stationary items are off-color more Then it\’s ranked well If i use multi dyes Branding is dissolved here.

let\’s say i am doing labelling of my digital marketing institute I assigned all the folders and glance of circulars were different And if he sees the same look in the bureau more? He will like it But if they are not connected Gives wrong impression and i have written corporate related things but in real there was no Or in my website Information is different So this was the biggest failure of labelling Our brand image should be real. Okay friends, video ends here I hope you liked it. If any doubts, do ask me in specific comments> Like share and do tell me in the comments about this video Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Good morning Whenever you are watching this video.

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