Top 17 Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

Top 17 Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

– Hey, everybody, it\’s Hayden again, and welcome back to the channel. If you don\’t know me previously, like I said, my word is Hayden, I\’m the owner of Whiteboard Club, and in these videos, we coach beings how to start more money and change their business. And in this video, I\’m gonna shave all the fluff altogether. I\’m gonna break down the exact programs that I use, as well as many of my purchasers, to explode their business on social media. We\’re gonna break down 17 different stages, everything from messaging apps to sizable social media stages as well. So if you genuinely wanna know how to move more coin, explode your business, make sure to subscribe to this and make sure to like this video as well, because I will continue to deliver more and more and more importance to you so you can grow your business and become more money. If you have any questions, always left open down in specific comments, other than that, let\’s dive on in, let\’s get started.( energetic music) The first direct I wanna talk about is one that nearly everybody will know, and that is Now, Facebook, sure, you know a lot about it, but the truth and the fact of the matter is, are you utilizing every aspect of Facebook to the best of your advantage? Let\’s go over a few cases things. If you run a company and you wanna grow a business, number one, you need to have a profile page. There\’s no doubt about that. You can have your personal chart sheet, a business profile page, whatever it is. I hint continuously crowding it up with content, you can share content, but squandering your own unique content is best as well. On exceed of that, you need to have a group. If you\’re selling software, have a group related to your application, if you\’re selling online platforms, have a group related to your online programs. If you\’re selling engineering or precisely even buying and reselling on Amazon, have radicals for those as well. You can collaborate with other types, invite beings together and certainly explode your business from there. On surface of that, if you buy and resell anything at all, Facebook Marketplace is huge. You can go on EBay and offer 10 -1 5% fees if you miss, that\’s fine. But you can go on Marketplace instead and sell all of your nonsense with no rewards at all, it\’s extremely powerful. And the number one thing about Facebook, the most powerful thing out of everything is the paid marketing. There\’s no doubt about that. Facebook can reach literally billions of parties every single day from their program, there is no other way that you can really truly get in front of every single person that is interested in your concoction within a few days. So I suggest checking out Facebook and having all of those things set up first in your business and continuously ripening them, and you will see results from that. So the next one I have for you is Instagram. Now, Instagram is huge, over 500 million users, and they continue to explode over and over. Power about this as well is it\’s owned by Facebook, so a good deal of the paid pushing I talk about, that can apply to Instagram as well. Let\’s talk about your profile sheet, so number one, make sure you have unique content that\’s your own and not ever just recycled, I can words of 100 different websites and social media stores right now that are continuously really reposting people\’s content. That\’s fine, but if you wanna be unique and stick out, you really need to have something of your own. So here\’s a few cases things you can do. You can do profile poles, you can do story posts, you can go live on Instagram as well, those are all ways to get a lot of attention. And personally, my favorite channel to go about everything is Instagram TV. Facebook, Instagram, the owners of Instagram in that case, push IGTV really hard, the reason i\’ justification you can upload 10 minute videos, all the way up to 60 minute videos as well. The reason why Facebook likes that so much better is when you\’re watching these videos, \”you\’re staying\” engaged. The longer you\’re on their programme, the more coin they offset. So Instagram is a exceptional access for you to explode your social media presence by use video. On surface of that, in my other videos, I talk about utilizing action groups. You can use a company which is called Executive Mafia. Links are in the description as well if you wanna get started with that. Engagement groups are contributing to expand your business and end up landing on what\’s called the explorer page on Instagram where you will, to say the least, explode your business. The reason why the adventurer page is so valuable is\’ justification, when you land on that, parties from all over the world will see your content related to the things you\’re talking about. These are just a few things I intimate you do to explode your business on Instagram. Now, the next one I show is one of my largest ones, and that is LinkedIn. I currently have more partisans on LinkedIn than Instagram, Facebook, and all the other ones I\’m gonna talk about mixed. I have situated a great deal of attempt into that, because LinkedIn is the number one B2B social network. So there\’s a lot of things that you can do on Instagram, ever since Microsoft bought the company, they have just made it so much better in so many courses. So number one thing, you gotta have a profile and you\’ve gotta have a quality chart, make sure to roll your message, your job experience, any accolades that you have, your education, all those types of things. And clearly roster out the things that you\’re good at, if you\’re good at market, inventory that, if you\’re good at network increase, listing that, if you\’re good at finance, index that. All those types of things are really helpful. On surpass of that, regular posting is crucially important. LinkedIn\’s organic scour right now is massive, you can get so much attention on there if you affixed aspect content. And on top of that, guys, you gotta have a group. If you don\’t have a group related to your business, you\’re missing out on so many different opportunities. Every single one of my transactions, I have a group and I have hundreds if not thousands of members in there that are constantly collaborating with each other. But the reality is is they\’re working all under my epithet and all under my network and vicinity, so I endlessly ripen and originate and proliferate from the efforts of other beings as well. On transcend of that, you can check out what\’s called LinkedIn articles, which are long form blogging articles that LinkedIn genuinely propagandizes where you can go into detail, you can provide videos, insight, whatever it may be on how you are running your business, improving your business or helping your consumers as well. On top of that as well, we have LinkedIn Premium. So LinkedIn Premium will give you a lot of different opportunities to gain revelation and collaborate with other people at a much higher level and much more sophisticated level than the average LinkedIn user as well. So if you\’re not on LinkedIn, peculiarly if you sell B2B business, you need to get on there ASAP and drive receipt. You are also welcome to included me at any time, I\’d love to help you out as well. The next one I have for you is Pinterest. Now, a good deal of beings are of the view that Pinterest is just some Martha Stewart website where people can get recipes. Well, if you think that, you are completely wrong. Pinterest is amazing, and it\’s not just for women, it\’s for guys, it\’s for literally everybody, anybody you want it to be for. So I can tell you guys, if you\’re not on Pinterest, get on there right now. There\’s a duet things you can do. You can set up councils, so councils are different categories of things that you talk about. I talk about business, I talk about selling, I talk about money. Those are typical councils that I have. On top of that, you can have what\’s called rods from that place, where you can pin content. So whether it\’s your own content or other people\’s material and they end up in your cards, anybody who inspects your profile will be able to go through your councils and look at all the pinned material as well. On surface of that, you\’ll endlessly change your organic reaching with the pin content that \”youve had\”. The more unique it is, the better it is for your business, I repute. I don\’t like rinse, launder, repeat all the time. I like something unique that\’s gonna stand out and be different. And when you stand out and be different, beings give attention to you in that case. On surpass of that, I\’m gonna give you guys a little hack. There\’s a company called Tailwind. And they have what\’s called Tailwind Tribes. So Tribes is a collaboration of all different type of people around the word who share content, unusually very good content, in all different types of industries. You can collaborate with these beings and talk to them and say hey, promote my material, I\’ll promote your content. It\’s a great path to explode your business on Pinterest. Make sure to check it out,\’ cause it is very valuable, and a lot of beings are truly missing out on this because they just overlook it and think it\’s just another simple social media website. The next one I have for you is Twitter. Now, there\’s a few cases things I\’m gonna go over here, I\’m not big on Twitter myself specifically, but I know a lot of those persons who do are you all right on there. And I work with plenty of clients and help them expand on there as well. I only never actually got into Twitter and never got started with it, and so I places great importance on chiefly Facebook, Instagram, and a couple more that we\’re gonna be talking about in this case. But let\’s talk about the supremacy of Twitter, first off, we come to the profile page. Make that profile sheet beautiful, start that cover sheet beautiful. First impressions are crucial. On transcend of that, we have hashtags. Now, make sure you\’re apply the remedy hashtags, hashtags pretty much came from Twitter. I entail, actually, I do believe they came from Twitter, so take advantage of them while you are eligible to,\’ induce that\’s where they\’re most utilized. You\’re gonna encounter them on other stages as well, but it\’s very very popular on Twitter. And the last thing I show for really exploding your business, understanding how you can do well on Twitter, is get involved with influencers. There\’s other parties on there who have 10, 20, 30 or 50 or 100,000 or even more admirers that you can collaborate with, and they\’ll help sponsor your material, whether you pay them or whether they actually certainly like it and they just wanna share it with other beings as well. So influencers, people who have a large following in your industry is a great way to blow a fuse your business as well. On exceed of that, it\’s pretty cool to meet a assortment of new people out there, you know, when you gratify these influencers, you can really expand your system and match a ton more parties, and it\’ll create a lot more opportunity for you. So make sure to check that out and directly involved on Twitter as well. This next one is my favorite stage, this is the number one platform I devote the majority of members of my period on and where I\’m focusing on developing most of my content. And if you can guess it right, yes, it is YouTube. YouTube is absolutely remarkable for exploding your business, there\’s a duet cause why. Number one, we are really have more used than Facebook. That\’s insane to think about. Number two, the search engine and the dominance decisions behind YouTube are unbelievable. Most parties meditate, yeah, I just go on YouTube 0:10: 54.066, 0:10: 54.000 and search for stuff. Well, that is appropriate, you do search for stuff and you do find things and you do get proposed videos that you like and all that. But guess what, YouTube isn\’t the only search engine. Google owns YouTube. So if you go to and you type in these things, they\’re gonna pop up a cluster of videos on YouTube related to your material as well. So you guys aren\’t merely leveraging the ability of YouTube and their audience, but you\’re likewise leveraging the capability of Google search as well, which is the most powerful , no one even stands a chance against them when it comes to search engines. There\’s a lot other things you can do on top of YouTube. If you go on my path, if you look who it is in the description if you\’re on YouTube right now as well, you can see how much effort I\’ve put in. We\’ve talked about the description, we\’ve talked about labels, demise screen info posters, all those types of things that you can add into your videos. On top of impelling very good content though, there\’s a few other things you can do. Number one thing I show is going live on YouTube. YouTube would love to be an environment of 100% live activity all the time, why? Because that is when a consumer is most participated. The more engaged the user is on YouTube, the longer they\’ll stay on there. And YouTube\’s a business, so people need to understand this. The longer people stays on there, the more advertisings are served to them. And in that case, YouTube becomes more money. So they most encourage people to go live and do whatever it can to engage the users more and to be maintained on the pulpit. In return, they\’ll actually split one of the purposes of their profits with you as well, it\’s pretty cool, but you have to meet a duet certain standards we\’re not really gonna talk about right now. The few other thing you can do with YouTube is number 1, you can share all your trash on all your different platforms. Whether you\’re sharing your videos on Facebook or Instagram or whether you\’re actually even putting them on your own website as well is an excellent way to go about it. On top of that, YouTube paid advertising is more powerful and more profitable right now for me and for many of my other friends than Facebook, than Instagram, than Google Search, than anything at all. A marry reasons why, number 1, for companies, it\’s really hard to produce video based material all the time. It takes a lot of era and a good deal of endeavour, okay. So when you go out there and you produce a quality video, yes, you\’re gonna have a lot of competition on YouTube and everything, but you won\’t have as much competition as you are able to on Facebook because, well, to say the least, you can use image ads on Facebook and a great deal of people use that in their ad, therefore, it gets a lot more competitive because, well, you can make an infographic in about 10 minutes, it\’s gonna take you hours and hours and hours to make a good video. You can see the difference in the upfront experience that comes into play right there. I highly recommend, if you\’re gonna choose any stage, exactly one, YouTube is definitely the way to go. Now we\’re gonna talk about a few messenger bots in such cases, the first one is Facebook Messenger. So Facebook Messenger is a order messaging lotion where you can connect with customers, patrons, whoever it may be. There\’s a lot of different implements you can use, and I talked about this in my previous videos as well. But I wanna mention only one thing that you truly need to know about Messenger. It is what\’s called the Chabot\’s. I personally use ManyChat, so actually in the description as well, I include ManyChat links, so you can go there and get signed off and start it for free actually as well. ManyChat is unbelievably potent. Number one, you can create readers on Messenger. So parties will be able to subscribe to your bot, and you can send them updated information. It\’s extremely valuable, because the open rates on these are extremely high as well. And when I necessitate high-pitched, I\’m talking 90% and above, I don\’t really see something in the 80%. Now, if you\’re doing email marketing, you are well aware, well, to say the least, you\’re not getting 90%, there\’s no doubt about that. And so Messenger is a great way to reach out to people with brand-new content that you have that are subscribed to your bot. On top of that, you can use ManyChat to add live chat on to your website, and you can create landing pages and all different types of things in order to collaborate with your users and clients and have them subscribe to you, which will be terminated imparting them more content. Check out Facebook Messenger and check out ManyChat, if you really wanna grow your reader listing, get a huge really really high date frequency, open proportion, sound through pace, all of those things as well. The next one I have for you is WhatsApp. So guys, actually, right here, I\’m gonna pull up my WhatsApp, and as you watch this video, I\’m just gonna scroll through it. There\’s a couple things that you guys certainly need 0:15: 41.033, 0:15: 41.000 to understand. First off, well, I can inform you that I have over 10,000 contacts on WhatsApp and I uttered most of my money through WhatsApp. So if you\’re not on WhatsApp, get on there,\’ cause there\’s over a billion used on there worldwide and it\’s extremely powerful. There\’s a few cases things that you can do and you can go over in this case as well. Number one is what\’s called program rolls. So all of your contacts, you can update their information and you can add them to what\’s called a broadcast listing where you\’ll be able to send them direct sends. Now, they\’ll exclusively receive those meanings if you\’re in their contacts as well, so make sure to collaborate and talk to them, make sure they save your information so they actually do receive your themes as well. One other thing which, as you guys can see scrolling through now right now, is groups. Now, first off, I\’m in hundreds and hundreds of groups, it frankly is ludicrous how many I\’m in. But I operate a lot of groups myself, and so all of these groups have up to 257 souls in each of them. They collaborate, they buy and sell in this case for what I\’m talking about. And it\’s a great lane to expand your proximity and have your name labelled in these networks as well.


Top 17 Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

So set up these groups so you can send, you are eligible to, first off, work together with other people. Second off, you can reach out to them at any time in only seconds like that. And on top of that, you can get extreme exposure for your brand as well. You can be utilized other lotions that are coming out with the WhatsApp API, Twilio is one of the most sophisticated ones in this case where you can start integrating the API and sending automated meanings as well. But you\’re going to have to go through a process to get approved for that. Another one we have is Telegram as well. So I\’m not as active on Telegram, I really like WhatsApp a lot better, but there\’s a lot of things you can do on there as well. You is generated by what\’s called paths, where you will be able to go out and advertise to people in your system. You can add them to these directs, tell them to subscribe to these paths, and they\’ll get updates from you, whether it be on a daily basis, a weekly, monthly, nonetheless you wanna do it. Very same to email sell, very similar to the Messenger chatbots I talked about as well. So this is just what\’s called a direct. On surface of that, you have programs in groups, so groups in this case are where you can applied everybody together and anybody can send a message back and forth to each other. Again, this is just like WhatsApp, it\’s a great practice to label your business, cure others collaborate and certainly simply expand your system as well. Check out Telegram, it\’s extremely popular and they continue to update and improve it all the time as well. It\’s a great way to connect with international traders or international patrons, whoever you may be working with as well. The next one I have for you is SMS. So is simple, this is text messaging as well, where you can reach out to parties via direct textbook content. And you wanna be very careful with this because, to say the least, a good deal of people abuse this and you do not want to abuse this one at all. So you can have parties sign up their information on your website, enter in their telephone number and everything. From that target, I indicate abusing Twilio again where you can then send them modernized senses based on the things they\’re interested in. Let\’s say, for example, they signed up for a webinar that you were presenting, and then they just didn\’t watch the webinar. Well, you can send an automated text send to them saying hey, I know you missed the webinar, make sure to check it out here. Now, if you\’re sending them texts, you know, every day or every two days, you might wanna rethink your strategy,\’ campaign people are gonna get really really riled with that. And if you get blocked enough, well, guess what, you\’re not gonna be able to send any more contents to anybody. So be very careful with that, take your time and be very genuine for every single message you send out so you don\’t have any issues at all. This is probably one of the most aggressive marketing programs and one of the easiest ways to get directly in front of your user as well. One of my favorite websites to go on and only look around and find things is Reddit. Now, I speak there all the time, absolutely adore specific comments, utterly adore the gives, all those types of things. Reddit is a great place to explode your business. But I will tell you, if you go on Reddit and you say buy my material, buy my stuff, I\’m probably gonna assist kicking you off as well. I absolutely hate when I see that stuff where people are trying to sell me something on Reddit. Reddit is a community where you connect with other beings and cure other beings out. So there are a few things you can do, first off, you can pull up your tournament and evaluate their stuff and the things they\’re talking about. It\’s a great direction to analyze them and watch what their clients are saying about them as well.\’ Cause Reddit consumers, as you know if you\’ve been on there, they don\’t held up whatsoever and I absolutely adore it for that. On surface of that as well, one of the most powerful things I show is called AMA.So this is ask me anything. So a lot of people who have done some serious incredible things in their life create AMAs on Reddit where it says hey, I sold X extent of dollars online and I now drive from dwelling and get to spend time with my adolescents all the time, ask me anything. Well, people, one of the first questions is, how did you do it, plainly. And it will go on and on and on and on. If you have any experience or any sort of thing where you\’ve proved itself, in a certain sense, a little bit better than other people. Well, make sure to go on Reddit and explore and create an AMA so you can get a little bit more attention for yourself and your label and actually is to assist a great deal of beings as well. Reddit consumers cherish when other beings contribute evaluate to them. And if you continuously do that and require more and more value, guess what, the community will accept you in really a matter of seconds as well. The next one I have for you is Quora. is a great place to find the answer or ask any question for any sort of scenario you have. Whether it\’s about engineering, whether it\’s about study to speak English, whether it\’s about business, commerce, anything you can think of. If your iPhone battery is glitching out, guess what, Quora has the answer for that as well. So this is a great platform to go on to ask questions related to your manufacture that people can answer and you can gain insight from, but more importantly, it\’s a great locate to go to answer questions other people have. If you go in there and you lend and you help people out, explanation their questions in full detail where they don\’t have any other questions, you will explode on Quora. And this is great for search engine optimization, and this is great for your social spirit as well. Because when you\’re going out and you\’re answering questions and you\’re not asking for anything and you\’re just helping people out, people are gonna realize, who is this person and why are they doing this, because this really cured me out, I actually wanna was aware about them, because I feel I could benefit even more from them. Take advantage of Quora, help people out, react their questions, and you will be able to blow up your business. It\’s crazy is of the view that, if you cure person or persons, two more will follow. So the facts of the case of the matter is, you are eligible to continuously develop your business, you facilitate one person, two more follow, you cure two parties, four more follow. And it continues to expand and expand and expand. People utterly love that, help people out, answer questions on Quora. If you\’re a blogger or you advertise or you write content or anything like that are linked to your blog, check out So is a great place to go and create additional blogs. Now, a new things here you need to understand. Do not be reposting your blogs now. is for original unique content, and they are very heavy on search engine optimization as well, so you don\’t wanna duplicate content, because Google\’s gonna look at it and be like okay, this person\’s just spamming to try and get attention. They push very hard on optimizing and making sure that it\’s one of the best websites to go and blog. But if you\’re a dedicated and serious blogger and \”you\’ve had\” partisans, check out and start posting on there.\’ Cause you can start making a lot more money and expanding your business as well and truly getting a lot more attention from dedicated consumers who are on there and always following helps as well. This is a great stage for your to easily get started on, whether you\’re just a scribe, a blogger, a freelancer of any kind where you need to expand and fulfill new people who are qualified writers in your industry. Google My Business is the next one I would like to speak about. Now, Google used to have what\’s called Google +, that\’s long gone , now they just have Google My Business. Google My Business is pretty powerful, there\’s a lot of things you can do. First off, let\’s say, for example, I own a company called Trade-In Tech. If you type in Trade-In Tech on Google, you\’re gonna pull up our reputation with our reviews and everything like that.So it\’s a great highway to get exposure first, whether it\’s on a local basis, a national, or even an international basis as well. On exceed of that, there\’s a few other things you can do. Number one, you can create affixes. So Google My Business is now sort of like a social media stage where you can post modernizes and everything, just like you would on any other platform, and it will be issued on your Google search results. On top of that, you can list concoctions where you can then resell on Google\’s shopping network and other platforms as well. And it\’s a great course to get exposure where you can ask for reviews and receive refreshes to get even more valid social spirit. So when people go onto Google and they type in a certain website and they look at it and they only have one rating, well, you don\’t really know much about that, or how about they have no ratings at all, you don\’t know much about that either. But when they have 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 ratings and it\’s 4.8, 4.9 performs, maybe if you\’re lucky, 5.0 idols as well, people feel much more comfortable with your brand knowing that other parties have had a good know-how as well. And Google is a number one way to expose that. Make sure to set up Google My Business and have it well optimized, whether it\’s for your retail store or your online business as well. All title, one of the last few I\’m gonna talk about is email marketing. Now, email market, undoubtedly, it\’s been around forever, you are aware of it.

stellars as well, people feel much more pleasant with your symbol knowing that other parties have had a good knowledge as well. And Google is a number one way to expose that. Make sure to set up Google My Business and have it well optimized, whether it\’s for your retail store or your online business as well. All privilege, one of the last few I\’m gonna talk about is email sell. Now, email sell, plainly, it\’s been around forever, you are aware of it. But I merely wanna talk about a few things that you can do. Number one, you should be segmenting your audience. So if you have an email list and it\’s all exactly a listing of 10, 000 beings under one, that\’s okay, but we wanna start segmenting this even more. So you can go out and promote new things, let\’s say you have a brand new web training, for example, that you can do. Well, you can say hey, sign up for my network training to all those 10,000 beings in your email directory, and then you\’ll be able to segment the people who actually sign up. So you can tell them to sign up, they\’ll enter in their information and they\’ll go into a new register. So now \”you\’ve had\” 10,000 beings which, all different type of demographics. But \”you\’ve had\” this other list over here which you can say okay, these are the people who are only interesting to the training I have to offer. So if you\’re trying to sell these 10,000 parties over here on something, odds are, it\’s not gonna work out really well,\’ cause they were never actually interested in your nonsense before. Maybe one or two things, they were. But if you\’re trying to sell to somebody now when you segment such lists and have just people who are interested in your webinar and your schooling, you\’re gonna have a lot higher shift frequency\’ case \”you\’re seeing\” the commitment and the actual interest as well. On top of creating email segmentation inventories, you can do what\’s called drip campaigns. So I personally never write emails, ever, ever, I talk about this in all of my other set as well. I originate what\’s called dripping expeditions. So I\’ll write 20 or 30 emails out and they\’ll be sent over a period of, you are well aware, three, four, five, six months. So there\’s, right now in my business, I have 20 or 30 prebuilt emails. And if you were to sign up for my list, you would get one every one to two weeks for the next six to eight months. And I wouldn\’t be doing any of that, you\’d be receiving it and getting constant informs. And guess what, guys, every single day, thousands and thousands of parties open my emails, they read them, they buy my products, all those types of things. So abusing trickle safaruss is a great way to automate all the efforts that you\’re position in otherwise and amplification a ton of extra revenue and attention literally on autopilot and literally while you sleep. Another one I hint, but I don\’t even do it myself, so if you miss, you can call me a hypocrite in such cases, but I do indicate you to do this. Set up a podcast, so you can advertise your podcast on numerou different platforms, iTunes is a big one, Spotify is a huge one, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, those are four that I suggest. There\’s other ones that you can go onto and get a lot more attention, but certainly, those are the ones that are going to have the largest audience and the largest attention grasp that you could possibly have. Now, you can talk nearly about anything now. Some popular topics obviously are fund. Politics and doctrine are other topics as well, but I actually indicate biding away from those\’ cause they\’re extremely controversial. So if you can figure out something, you can help somebody out through your podcast, whether you\’re just educating them on simple things like their health or you talk about more sophisticated stuff like scaling enterprises, marketing, fiscals, all those types of things. People are interested in what you have to say and people love podcasts. I don\’t listen to the radio ever, I listen to podcasts when I drive. Why, because first off, the radio music, I\’ve heard it 500 ages over again and I never wanna hear that song or any other song on there,\’ cause they just blow it out of proportion. The cool thing about podcasts is every single one I listen to is different. And every single I go in my gondola and I start driving, I listen to a brand-new podcast and I don\’t have to hear the same repeat, you are well aware, FM radio music that there is out there. So make sure to go out there and establish your own podcast, tell your friends about it, tell your family, start pushing online and get your word out there and your learning and facilitate other beings out. You\’ll end up gaining readers, gaining admirers, downloads, and you can start making a lot of money off that, whether you\’re promoting produces or monetizing your audience through publicizing as well. And the number one platform that you should have all of your material. Now, this isn\’t undoubtedly the number one platform where you get the most exposure. But the number one platform that you should have all of your content is on your own website. So you can have videos, you are eligible to have blogs, you can have podcast downloads, you can have infographics, you are eligible to have contact me, you can have about me, all that type of information that you need should all be centralized in your website. Now, I have various different websites that I feed and almost all cases, most of my intelligence is centralized all there. I continuously need to add more and more and more, and it\’s a never resolving story as well. The knowledge of the matter is, if you\’re trying to build a brand and a company and certainly explode, whether it\’s your personal symbol or your business label, you need to have a streamlined neighborhood where people can come and see your information. Sure, you can reach out to me on Facebook. That\’s cool, I have no problem with that. But if you wanna know every single thing about me and about my company, check out,\’ generate that\’s where I actually do post everything, set it all together and combine it there. I have my infographics from Instagram, I have my blogs that I\’ve written all over the place, I have the videos that I posted on YouTube and Facebook, wherever else you may have watched as well. And I got a lot of interesting thing that I circulate and promote there as well. Your own website is obligatory, make sure you have that set up, and that is the first thing I were really do before \”you\’re starting\” expanding on all these other scaffolds to make sure you have a centralized range to rally pass, promote your business, and has already been of your content in one place as well. Before you go out there and simply explode your business like I talked about, I want you to remember a few things. Number one, a jack of all trades is a master of none. This applies is not simply to anything that you do in life, but this applies to social media as well. So if you wanna go out and go and advertise on all 17 of these scaffolds at once, you\’re probably not going to explode as fast as you really foresaw. The reason why is\’ lawsuit you\’re not certainly mastering and exploiting one to the full advantage. So this is something that I indicate. I suggest that you choose one to two, perhaps maybe three of these platforms to start on. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your own website, those are a couple ones I therefore recommended that you start looking at. From that stage on, you want to go in there and employer whatever platform you\’re on. So if you\’re on Facebook, surmount it, get 5000, do 10,000 admirers, that\’s a pretty good number to look at and employer it. And these aren\’t merely partisans, people who followed you, I\’m talking about people who actually engage with you and are actually asking questions and liking your posts and everything like that. It will take some time. No problem who you are, you have to put in the effort of this. So formerly you figure out that platform and you start doing really well on it, go out and delegate all the tasks that you have to make sure that it\’s still running, and then expand onto the next stage. Now, you could do this in a month\’s period of time, a week\’s period of time, a year\’s reporting period, it doesn\’t really matter. But you need to make sure that you master it, delegate, then expand. If you guys truly want to explode as well, make sure to use paid announce and retarget all of your patrons. This is a great way if you\’re promoting any sort of digital product or online make that you can sell more to the people who are engaged with you. Now, I can tell you that paid ad is expensive 0:33: 53.033, 0:33: 53.000 and you have to have a large budget. So that is why I\’m only telling you right now to, I propose you to start retargeting the customers who are already interested in what you had to offer. If that\’s successful, you can expand out from there. Now, if you want to learn new ways to grow your business, make sure you subscribe and also check out this video where I break down the number one marketing tool I use to optimize my changeovers and increase my profitability in my business. Hey, what\’s going on, everybody, it\’s Hayden again. And in this video, I\’m gonna break down the number one marketing tool I use to increase my changeover frequencies.

If that\’s successful, you can expand out from there. Now, if you want to learn new ways to grow your business, make sure you subscribe and too check out this video where I break down the number one marketing tool I use to optimize my conversions and increase my profitability in my business. Hey, what\’s going on, everybody, it\’s Hayden again. And in this video, I\’m gonna break down the number one marketing tool I use to increase my changeover frequencies.

Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms Social Media Platforms

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