5 Amazing Benefits of Ecommerce for Businesses

5 Amazing Benefits of Ecommerce for Businesses

Hey you, you need an ecommerce store. Well, if you\’re, just a random internet user, i guess you don\’t, but if you\’re a business owner who sells stuff, you really need to have an ecommerce website. Look at amazon as an example in 2018, small to mid-sized businesses in the u.s sold over 4 000 items every minute through amazon sure you don\’t have to sell your products on amazon, but that statistic just shows how huge e-commerce has become over time. The growing importance of e-commerce and modern business there are so many benefits of e-commerce for businesses and i\’m going to explain five of them in this video extended hours after a long day of work at your physical store, you want to go home, so you do, but With an e-commerce store, you can keep selling while you\’re at home curled up with a good book and a hot cup of chamomile tea. I guess that\’s, oddly specific, but the point is with an e-commerce store. You can sell your products all day every day. So if someone can\’t make it to your physical location during your operating hours, they can head over to your website and make their purchase relatively low cost. Another great benefit of e-commerce, for businesses is low cost if you don\’t have a physical store and focus solely on your e-commerce store. You eliminate a lot of expenses like rent utilities and the cost of a large staff to maintain the store. If you want to sell on your website, you do have the expense of website maintenance. You don\’t want your website to list or wrong items glitch when people try to make a purchase or crash entirely. If you plan to use online marketplaces like amazon or shopify, you also introduce cost for each platform. Remarketing. One thing you definitely can\’t do with a physical store is remarket your products to every customer who browses your shop. Remarketing is a form of digital advertising that places your ads in front of people who have previously interacted with your ecommerce store in a physical store. People can browse interact with your products and then leave without a trace. The impact of e-commerce is that you can use remarketing to serve ads to people who are already interested enough in your products to look at them online. You can use ads featuring sales or coupons to sweeten a deal and close a sale, targeted suggestions in a physical store. Sometimes you might see displays with related items like chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers or s\’mores. You can do this on an even bigger scale, with an e-commerce store. If someone views a certain product on your site, you can include a spot that shows them other related items. People are searching for or other items people have purchased. Maybe someone wants a fancy toothbrush and you show them that people who also purchased that toothbrush bought, toothpaste and floss. Now that person buys toothpaste and floss and you\’ve just absolutely customer without having to do any extra work. If you track browsing history on your site, you make suggestions to people based on things. They\’Ve recently searched too. These little suggestions can have a big impact. I can\’t stress enough the importance of e-commerce and modern business broader customer base. Lastly, an e-commerce store removes the physical boundaries of a brick and mortar location with proper e-commerce. Optimization people across the world can find your online store and make a purchase. It doesn\’t matter if you\’re in texas and the customers in vermont they can make a purchase on your ecommerce store from the comfort of their own home or their car or their office. If your site uses up-to-date search engine, optimization tactics, people will be able to find your business without ever having interacted with you before. You don\’t need to pay for them to see ads or spam, their inboxes with sales emails until they get tired of your company. As long as your site is optimized well and they search for something you offer, they can find you how\’s that for the importance of e-commerce, i hope i\’ve convinced you to utilize e-commerce for your business as the world becomes more digital. It\’S important for your business to keep up with demand. If you want to learn more about e-commerce, we have a ton of resources on the webfx blog and, as always, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest in digital [, Music, ] marketing, you

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