How to Sell Online Without a Website

How to Sell Online Without a Website

How to Sell Online Without a Website

So you are an online seller and you use all possible modes like Facebook, Instagram and other social media not to mention DMs, emails and WhatsApp to sell your commodities to your clients. If you have a website, huge! If you have a payment gateway integration, even better! But what if you don\’t? A mas of people want to sell online but are unable to do so because getting a website is a major investment and integrating a payment gateway involves deep breadth knowledge.

That is a problem statement. And since we have the problem statement, we will state a mixture as well! Let\’s talk about\’ Payment Pages\’- A make of Razorpay that allows you to do so. A sheet \”thats really not\” hosted or developed by you but has your branding and abides online payments for you. Razorpay Payment Pages is literally exactly that.

Whether you have a website or you don\’t Whether you have an app or you don\’t You is likely to abode payment online through Payment Pages. You can effortlessly create a Payment Page in less than 5 minutes. Go live and start admit pays from your patrons without any help! Let\’s talk boasts now, shall we? Razorpay Payment Pages is built to accept end-to-end payments.


How to Sell Online Without a Website

You can do so without having to host it, while you can still have your custom URL as per your firebrand. How astonishing is that! Mind you, this has brought down your expense by a substantial value! The best part is the dashboard. Capture customer data the room you demand, with particulars you decide!

Use the dashboard to get insights for fees compiled via the hosted sheet and it will make you perfectly no tech expertise or effort to build yourself a Payment Page and go live. Razorpay previously has a few templates you can choose from but if you feel like you want to take a crack at it, feel free to create your own! All you have to do is to login to your dashboard, create a payment page and choice what purchaser data you want to capture.

Build your practice URL and transport it your customers over SMS, email, social media and more. Sit back, tighten and let Razorpay do its thing.

If you have a website, simply connect your Payment Page to your CTA and there you have it! All of this is with complete certificate since Payment Pages is a part of Razorpay\’s core scaffold Your Payment Page is a guarantee of an industry-standard, 100% PCI DSS compliant and guaranteed answer. Razorpay Payment Pages barges of over 1000 customers with the likes of Schindler, Swiggy, Don Bosco Schools, BMW Financial Services, Nestaway, Testbook and Finance Bazaar amongst others! So what are you waiting for? Ready, defined, go with Razorpay Payment Pages and start acquiring online remittances now.

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