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Soccer Hub

e-Commerce Website ( Spider Package )
Digital Marketing
Seven Magnum Faction

Automation Website

To receive 15 days.

$ 470
2 Deposit
  • Automation Website
  • WordPress CMS website (a definition of the activity & its details – a store).
  • 7 GB hosting, with a capacity of up to 300,000 Bandwidth visits per month.
  • 5 emails on the website domain lifetime.
  • English Language.
  • Google translate button 40 languages.
  • An Arabic control panel for the site for easy management.
  • Streamlined design and easy to navigate.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • Eligible for search engines.
  • Add an unlimited number of written news.
  • System of powers & supervisors.
  • Photo library.
  • Video library.
  • Building a sitemap to be well recognized by global search engines.
  • Show analysis of website traffic & visits.
  • Woocommerce store.
  • Email CRM.
  • Eligible for an online payment gateway.
  • Affiliate system.
  • Backup system.
  • Qualification of delivery by automatic shipment.
  • Pixel to follow visitors through ads (Facebook – Google Adwords ).
  • Customer data management system & email campaigns automatically.
  • Linked Live Chat Automation (Facebook – Whatsapp).
  • Post sharing buttons on social networks.
  • Connect automatic publishing to your social media.
  • Website delivery within 7 working days.
  • One month post-handover support & management plan.
  • 12-month technical support.
  • 4 hours of website management training within a month.

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Logistical Fund Power
Business Model 1

Logistical Fund Power

To receive 15 days.

$ 150
2 Deposit
  • Logistical Fund Power
  • A logistical fund provides important services to the store to manage customers and increase interaction with visitors and buyers.
  • $1000 can be 2 years on Amazon SES services to support emails and get them to an inbox with 50,000 daily emails & EC2 Windows Virtual Machine.
  • Omni channel system with CRM with financial support of $5000 ( Chatbot on 2030 & a package of services for two years.
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Consulting Ticket System Marketing & Store Management
Online Advertising​

Consulting Ticket System

To receive 30 minutes.

$ 37
1 Deposit
  • Mentor Ticket System
  • It is paid by the hour, booked and paid in advance, and its value is $74, it is concentrated in 4 pre-determined axes, and each axis has 15 minutes.

  • Half an hour, $37, and it includes two pre-determined axes.

  • The monthly package is $133, 30 minutes per week.

  • The Quartier Package, $497, 90 minutes per week.

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Title Payment Date Work Time
First Deposit 310$ = 15.000 EGP 27Jun 2024 15 Work Days
Second Deposit 310$ = 15.000 EGP 15 Jul 2024 End


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