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Pets Dubai Clinic

Auto Tracking Setup
Planning & Funnel

Auto Tracking Setup

To receive 7 days.

$ 250
1 Deposit
  • Auto Tracking Setup

What is required is cooperation in its implementation on the website

  • Activate a tracking segment with the fund support of $25,000 for 12 months, to link the results of campaigns and visits to Big Data.
  • Benefit from identifying target groups, recording their electronic activity, and tracking ads to appear in their tracks via the Internet.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Microsoft Clarity.
  • Twilio Segment.
  • 250$ One-time payment.
Planning & Funnel | Ants

Setup Ad Funnel
Planning & Funnel

Ad Funnel

To receive 3 days.

$ 250
1 Deposit
  • Ad Funnel
  • Activate the special ad funnel on the ad account in the cycle of advertising campaigns to increase the quality and improve the results of the campaigns and the speed of artificial intelligence learning for the quality of the required customers, then measure the ability of the customer service system to accommodate potential customers and inquiries that are produced through the campaign.
  • 250$ One-time payment.
Planning & Funnel | Ants

Marketing Automation Setup
Automation Website

Marketing Automation Setup

To receive 15 days.

$ 1500
1 Deposit
  • Marketing Automation Setup
  • OmniChannel System + 5000$ Fund.
  • Set the WhatsApp Business number to respond with the name of the brand without showing the phone number and the Facebook page, and the automatic response through the chatbot.
  • Amazon (AWS) 50.000 Email Daily + 5000$ Fund for 12 months.
  • 1500$ One-time payment for setup only.
Automation Website | Bees

Social Media Management
Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

To receive 30 days.

$ 200
1 Deposit
  • Social Media Management
  • Publications management (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube).
  • Limiting the words related to the field, which had many searches during the last year, to build on them content that helps increase visitors to the site.
  • Publish 10 posts per month using the necessary and distinctive hashtags and the most viewed times per day, according to a special plan for the content scientifically and professionally.
  • Published monthly (local and international public events during the campaign period).
    The processing period is 7 working days.
Digital Marketing | Spider

Online Advertising
Online Advertising​

2 Ad Campaign

To receive 30 days.

$ 1350
1 Deposit
  • 2 Ad Campaign
  • Create a new advertising account and document it with your official papers.
  • The budget is per month, and the minimum test is $500 per month for each platform (Meta-Google).
  • Design Photo & text ads
  • The commission rate for managing the special campaign is 35%.
  • The price of the dollar is variable according to market developments and the provision of a payment mechanism, whether locally or internationally.
  • Invoices from us are an invoice through our website since we are a United Kingdom company.
  • We work according to the latest standards of the Meta advertising platform and its artificial intelligence data to avoid any problems of any kind.
  • 1350$ Start test first month.
Online Advertising | Golden Eagle

  • Monthly report
  • Report on each platform we manage.
  • Report on each announcement.
  • Advise by analyzing comments and results of ad visits.
  • All possible numbers of results are subject to decrease or increase depending on the platform pricing during the campaign or any developments through them and not from us.
Title Payment Date Work Time
First Deposit 500$ 15 Feb 2024 7 Days
Second Deposit 1500$ 22 Feb 2024 15 Days
Third Deposit 1550$ 8 Mar 2024 30 Days


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